Monday, November 30, 2009

end of nov~

so fast end another month, which mean end of my short sem too..... >< and x'mas is around the corner ady *woot* xD so fast 1 year ady...
aiiii.... fyp~ reli killing me... alot obstacle occured and finally it is ok ady, hope everything will go smooth every after =) *pray* as wat cmei say, we nit to kill fyp not fyp kill us~ *rock* LoL....

oh yah, ystrdy had McD for my lunch~ after so long no eat xD *yum, yum* due to goin out to help dad did smth so i drive thru and ordered mcChicken, accidently i ordered larger set, hahaha.... bt anyway it is a right choice also because i quite hungry that time, bt end up i left with half cup of coke xP

my McChicken set~

i found my instant chrysanthemum in coldstorage today ^^
i used to drink it at sg last time and also that time i only know there is @@ *instant chrysanthemum* hahahaha.... paiseh~

here the instant chrysantheum x), bt not the brand that i used to drink last time ><>

- hope to hv outing~ xD *sienz*
- waiting the time to meet up wif my fren too, seem so long no meet them =D
- dilemma on *smth* xD
- time for fyp again >< - c ya~

Monday, November 16, 2009


i'm here, i'm here~ LoL~~ *ss sikit* xP
once again i need to revive back my blog~ LoL...
really since awhile never update~ because laziness is killing me~ >< *laziness pls leave me* ya, this my status for ystrdy facebook~ lol... really getting lazy, day by day T^T any medicine to cure it? i hope there are... =( fyp is killing me, tons of works awaiting me to done and I'm right here being lazy and lazy *help~*

hahahaha..... ok, leave fyp aside, take a rest 1st cause ystrdy i ady face fyp till this morning~ >< *yawn* after this gonna fight for it again T^T
oh yah, actually i'm still thinking what to post~ hahaha... ermm... ermm... ermm.... *searching pic*

ok~ found one of my memorable trip~
which is Broga Hill~ miss it alot~ xD it is a sudden trip, 3months back and while we are yamcha-ing till 3am smth, suddenly we planned to go. Sadly only 3 of us get to made it, cause other got smth to do and also it is too suddenly,LoL~ Anyway, only 3 of us and we really going there at 5am smth, to conquer brogs hill~ hahaha... really crazy cause we only nap for 1hour more bt really fun~ xD and really miss it alot~

finally i reach the top~ xD

the ..... *dunno call wat* xP

heart this pic the most~ ♥ *blue sky with us*

yawn~ time to take a nap~ ><
ystdy 1am smth till now, cant tahan~ *nap*