Friday, June 28, 2013

Hiii blog ❤!

Hi blog! It's really been awhile since my last update >.< feel bad to abandoned my blog, LOL~ all blame to laziness xD hopefully (fingers cross)  I will keep my blog alive and update often. Randomly searching for emoticon to insert in this post and saw these cute little emoticons with moustache!!! imageimage imageimageimage  (p/s moustache is my recent obsession, hehe)  

End this post with some of my photos with nice and great people around me ❤! (feel glad to have them x] )  

- see ya, pohyee 


Swee Cheng said...

YAY! update jor wor~~ ❤❤❤

mei said...

<3 awwww i'm in <3