Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Got Tagged...

Got tagged by 20 ^^
Finally,i done dis haha..... (i noe is vry long ago ady =P paiseh...)

Real name: Liew Poh Yee
Nickname: poE (if ppl who dunno my real name,sure pronounce till vry funny hahaha...)
Married: waiting that day to arrive,hahaha...
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Male or Female: Female

High School:SMK Convent Jln Peel
College: -
Short or long hair: Long
Are you a health freak?: I eat watever dat I wanna eat,I think shud start think bout it ^^
Height: 161cm (long time din measure ady,so sure higher den 161cm!haha)
Do you have a crush on someone?: of course...,who dun hv?may i noe u =P (so curious bt it)
Do you like yourself?: ermm.... 99% like n 1% dun like,haha...
Piercings: Both telinga..
Right of lefty: Righty,bt i like lefty (dunno y ><)

First surgery: Nope...
First piercing(s): Primary school (damn pain,bcoz dat lady spray d cooling thing to my ear n wait for a few min later nee start pierce,WTH ==!!)
First best friend: Yen Mei
First award: Kindergartden,get 2nd place for best student in my class (proud of it,haha...)
First sport you joined: Running i think
First pet: Tortoise,i think it sure still sum whr at the river or even sea (bcoz i free it ady) =)
First vacation: Can't remember...
First concert: F4,not bad... (sponsored by fren ^^ expensive ticket sum more,haha...)
First crush: Jay chou,haha... first crush?i oso not sure,is dat count as crush (no idea ><)

Eating: writing this,chatting
Drinking: plain water
I’m about to: sleep (sleepy...,cannot bcoz of 20 i mz finish dis) [c i so gud la 20,haha... =P]

Wants kids: Wan, bt how many nit wait future only noe lo ^^
Want to get married: When my 'white horse prince' exist,hahaha....
Careers in mind: Agree v 20,which is not those 9-5p.m job (sienz sei)

Lips or eyes: Eyes
Hugs or kisses: Hugs,so warm n sweet haha...
Shorter or taller: Taller
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous pls...
Nice stomach or nice arms: Can i noe,wat is d nice stomach for? ==!! (wondering...)
Trouble maker or hesitant: Both oso so 'mafan',can i don't want...

Kissed a stranger: Never n i hope it won't happen ><
>< (i will fell sad on d same time also)
Been arrested: Nope,i'm a good citizen ^^
Turned someone down: Mayb... =P (so bad la me)
Cried when someone died: Of course la,is a life le...
Liked a friend: Yup,I Love all......................................................... my fren ^^

Yourself: Is a "MUST",if u not believe urself,how u gonna believe other ppl (ex:ur fren)
Miracles: Yup... everything can happen in dis world ^^
Love at first sight: Rarely,can believe it?
Heaven: Yes,good ppl will go thr hahaha....
Sex on the first date: No!!!
Angels: Not really...

Is there one person you want to be with right now: No idea,i noe now i wan my bed only =P
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time: No...
Do you believe in God: Yup...

People I tag:
Almost all ady tagged by Yee Leng ady (who noe me n Yee Leng) n dis is ppl who not yet be tag n will be tag now (haha...) is Jee Mei,Swee Cheng,Weng Hong n ppl who reading dis..... "You Got Tagged" ^^