Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hate rainny day...

hate rainny day alot.................
since last time i don't like rainny day =(
why dis few days always rain???
izit bcoz "global warming" and affect climate change? (hahaha.... global warming)
rainny day affect many thing le :
i. hard to drive la (can't see clearly....)
ii. feel sleepy la (cannot concentrate to do assigment >< )
iii. most hate, traffic jam (today i jam liao 1hour and 50mins,even just from utar going to um thr need almost 1hour to reach @.@ [cannot believe right?but is true] )

u see,even i free till got time to snap pic while driving(haha...)
(traffic jam.............the time i reach and pass by um after 1hour jam >< )

hate the rainny day feeling la, gloomy all the time and cool
if no umbrella more pity,wet whole body ><
and also pity to those motorcyclist =( wet whole body................

even now still rainning ><
is time to continue with my bloody assigment...............
(hope i won't fall asleep @.@)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ipanema (Island shop)

here are our Ipanema,Island shop group, packaging design
which include me,mei jen,cmei,esther and lindy
finally we done our packaging ^^


our product

mei jen's packaging

cmei's packaging

esther's packaging

lindy's packaging

Monday, August 18, 2008

wall-E screening with aDverlets

thx Adverlets for the tickets ^^
finally i get to watch it...

this is the tickets...


nice movie,who that not yet watch should watch it ^^
a movie that contain less dialouge and got many cute robots in the movie

one of the cute robot is this "M-O"
a cleaning robot.... [like it so much =) ]

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tagged by mt & 20.....

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time: 2130
Name: poE [wall-E sister haha.... =P]
Sisters: 1 elder sister
Brothers: 1 elder brother
Shoe Size: depend on what shoe....
Height: 161cm

Where do you live: Kuala Lumpur...
Favourite drinks: 100plus,milo,ribena
Favourite breakfast: depend on the mood ^^

Have you ever been on a plane?: nope (so cham... =P)
Swam in the ocean: dunno to swim =="
Fallen asleep at school: not reli,jz feel sleepy...
Broken someone's heart: mayb...
Fell off your chair: nope (i so "guai",sit properly 1 =P)
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: the hp is sat by all night, bt for sure u can't get me when i'm sleeping =D (won't pick up d hp at all 1,hahahaha...)

What is your room like: messy room (paiseh...)
What's right beside you: handphone, mineral bottle, external hardisk
What is the last thing you ate: banana pie,McD

Ever had chicken pox: i reli no idea about it...
Sore throat: i hate dis alot >< (everytime get sore throat sure will fall sick,fever)
Stitches: nope...
Broken nose: nope....

Do you believe in love at first sight: nope (so fake...)
Like picnics: depend whose the ppl dat going 2gthr ^^
Who was, were the last person you danced with: I not reli know to dance (can say dunno also ><)Last made you smile: one of my fren pic that we took 2ghtr,her expression vry funny de (hahahaha......)
You last yelled at: my room......... (alot assigments ar........)

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: i like every1 ^^
Kissed anyone: nope...
Get sick: no no no... dun cum near me,haha... (sick very "senfu" 1 ar... =(
Talk to an ex: nope...
Miss someone: nope.... (no time,nit rush assigments hahaha...)
Eat: of course got eat la,whr can tak makan 1 oh...

Best feeling in the world: happiness,loved by family&friends and have alot gud frens ^^
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: nope...
What's under your bed: nothing there...
Who do you really hate: hate ppl so tired n waste time,hate for wat la.....
What time is it now?: 2225

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. studying
2. playing
3. having great time with my primary school's friends =)
4. hate history and science subject alot at that time >< (alot thing to memorise...)
5. scare to attend english class alot,that teacher damn fierce 1 (can just slap a student infront d class @.@ gila 1)

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. go watch wall-E with Adverlets =D
2. do my packaging design
3. do history assigment
4. do portfolio design
5. 4sure eat, hahahaha....

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. ice-cream (baskin robbin & mcD)
2. chocolate (especially vochelle & ferrero rocher =D )
3. Potato chips (salsa chili flavour )
4. chocolate fondue (is dis count as snack? hahaha...)
5. not too sweet thing,if not i will pening kepala 1 (weird oh @.@, i oso dunno y)

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. go travel around d world
2. buy Swift, variety of colours (hahaha...)
3. grow my $ by doing business...
4. gv to family
5. gv to charity,especially szechuan earthquake...

5 of my bad habits:
1. lazy,everytime last min work (hate it la...)
2. choosy (i reli can't choose a thing,mz struggle for sum time 1 hahaha...)
3. late to class =P
4. sleep alot (aii... make me din do work)
5. like to waste time (y ar??? ==")

5 places I have lived/stayed a night in:
1. my room
2. friends hse
3. hotel for vacation
4. aunt hse (now nee realise it had been so long i din went they ady,miss it alot [miss my cousin & aunt =) ]
5. bus (when going to pangkor & redang islang, miss it alot le...)

5 things I will do after complete what im busy wif:
1. sleepppp....................... =P
2. playyy.........................
3. go vacation (had been so long i din go play ady.......... =(
4. play psp...
5. chattingggggg v fren & in msn...........

5 people i tag: swee cheng , jee mei (update blog,upadate blog ^^), brandon (since never tag u b4 ^^,do d tag oh), double tag ryan & kelvin (yee leng teach 1,hahaha....) ryan update blog ^^ sure that kelvin won't do 1 lo....

Thursday, August 7, 2008


now is almost 7a.m ><
i did my assigment till now
still got alot to go and suddenly feel boring and go into blogspot
then surprisingly i saw a cute Wall-E ad from ^^

this is the ad

i think every one should know this robot ^^
yes,this is Wall-E (so cute...)

i left all my assignments aside and started to write this post =p
hehehehe.... (bad gal,bad gal)
i have waiting for this movie to screening for so long already (if not mistaken should had waited since May 2008) can't believe oh so long? hahahaha.....
because that time is uni sem break so i almost watched all the movies screening in cinema, actually i watched all because until one day me and my friends decided to watch movie and find out that no more movie for us to watch (too over,hahaha.... =D )
then we find out that all the new movie will screening on July and August and one of the movie is "WALL-E"
can't wait to watch it... ^^

*all blogger,now you get to watch WALL-E earlier with Advertlets on 11th August 2008!
all you have to do for a pair of tickets for the movie screening is just write a post on your blog on why you want to watch WALL-E! (check it out at the link above)
-happy blogging-
need to continue with my assignment ==" ( add oil ^^ )
[i get d tickets ady ^^, thx Adverlets!!]