Saturday, March 13, 2010


finally~ done wif d bz week~ bz wif fyp, presentation n mid term... ><
2molo gonna start another bz week again~
dunno want to post wat actually, jz wan to update my blog, haha.... *so lame*

so i found dis pic.... which is taken on mt's bday.... now only post out, haha....
heart dis pic so much, jz simply dunno why ^_________^
*yalo, whr are those pic we taken on mt's bday ar? tak pernah c at all le*

kitchen creatures~ ♥

Friday, March 5, 2010


♥ miss my blog so muchy.... finally i'm willing to update it... LoL xP
so fast cny ady ended.... cny was fun, whr i'm totally ignored or abandoned my fyp xP haha... den my final sem will end soon too... *sad case* T^T

today was rushing fyp, from refining my artwork den go for printing and at last wait lec for consultation.... such a bz day... bz for whole afternoon, without any breakfast or lunch... reli starving gila >< at last i get to ate my vry 1st meal of the day at around 4pm smth, LoL~ go and meets up with the gang and went for yamcha, den had my delicious meal..... xD

yum yum~ the delicious fried rice~

- actually i'm quite sleepy right now, bt reluctant to sleep *jz dunno why* >__<
- having my carrot milk now *ordered by mom* lol...
- dunno why i got a sign that 2molo i might be late to class... lol... bt pls dun~
- oh ya, cross fingers really work.... hahaha.... *ss betul*