Monday, May 26, 2008

mY aRtWoRk =)

sAisAkI n NaRnI@ oN mY bDaY TiLL 7a.M ^^

get shock?7a.m me and my friends only went home on 19th May

[everyone is going to school and work but us.........] =)
quite fun,have a nice day too ^^
d story begin here 1st me and my friends went to a japanese buffet, 'Saisaki'. We had a nice dinner ^^ [not worth la japanese buffet,very fast already full >< ]

here is the place

the food

corn ^^

quite special, inside is fruit

the dessert


us =)


after dinner we went for movie with two more friends
1st we plan watch at the curve,but dunno why cinema close already >< [dunno what happen]
so we need to change placce to 1u
because we already park our car at the curve then one of my friend [Kelvin] ^^
suggest us to walk to 1u [at last we walked @.@,hahahha] quite near also la
since i ate alot liao,so walk to digest =)

this is the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia"

[nice movie]

after movie is already around 3a.m smth @.@

then we went to yamcha at cheras to meet up with another friend

so drink drink drink,talk talk tallk is around 6a.m smth [peoples is coming to have breakfast already,but we still not yet go home =P] finally we all willing to went home hahahhahahaha..... and is already 7a.m smth ^^ [crazy,hahaha...]

-the end-

Monday, May 19, 2008

HapPy BiRtHdAy ^^

now is already 6.33a.m and i juz reach home from my birthday celebration and 'yamcha' ^^ [crazy] hahahaha....... damn tired ><
very tired,but dun wan to sleep [haha...,gila liao]
thanks to everyone whose attended my celebration and sorry for waiting for the food >< hope everyone enjoy it...
sad thing, 1 of my ji mui [jee mei] is not here ==" (i waiting you cum back to celebrate again,hehe..)
-hApPy BiRtHdAy- ^^

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Condolence to Szechuan earthquake's victim ><

what a sad and scary tragedy that just happened at Szechuan,China on 12nd May
'Earthquake',many people died and on the news i saw many peoples homeless,houses and building damaged and childrens lost their parent on that earthquake [ so sad and scary >< ]
condolence to those victim of Szechuan earthquake

everyone can put a (F) icon on my msn display name to show our condolence to the Szechuan eathquake's victim ><

-hope eveything will going better soon

Friday, May 16, 2008

' The Cave '

yup...... there is a cave located at ss2, pj
yah... is really a cave ^^ hahahahaha, actually is a new cafe and restaurant at ss2, pj
quite a nice place there, very special and it interior design is just like a cave
inside the 4 floors building is design like a cave
try to has a visit to there ^^

and this is the place
place inside the cafe, [nice hoh?] hehe...
the place where me n my friends sat
some of the drink that we order
fruit tea, is a special drink of the cafe [ should have a try ^^ ]
is me and swee cheng,we are inside a cave!! [ hahahaha..... ]
the gang whose visited the place on that day
1,2,3 smile,peace ^^
did u saw the teapot? is the photographer request us to snap it together
[ purposely wan us to help them to promote their drink...... ]
hahaha.... just kidding the girl whose help us snap photo is very nice and friendly,actually if she don't request we also will snap it also because it really special and nice

u know what? on the same day me and my friends have gone to 4 places to eat and drink from 8p.m something [ if not mistaken ] till 1a.m something
4 places!! [ crazy man, hahaha... ]
firstly i go meet up with my friends at 'tsim tung' (the 1st place) [ one of the cafe at pandan indah,kl ]
after meet up we went to 'the cave' (the 2nd place), after having some drink at the cafe we all feel quite hungry so we went to the nearest 'mamak stall' (the 3rd place) to have a meal, after that we all went back cheras,kl
lastly we went to 'oldtown' (the 4th place) at tmn midah,kl because is a request from one of my friend whose still feel hungry [ aii.... that people love to eat alot,hahahaha...... =P ]
because some of the reasons so we had went to 4 places o.O
-on the progress i writing this post, i was chatting with my friends whose is 'evean' ^^
then he request me to write his name in so........
hahahahaha...... kidding only la, i really want to write your name one
because you should be the 1st person whose view my blog, thanks for viewing evean

Thursday, May 15, 2008

mY 1St bLoG !!!!

this is my 1st blog ^^
now having holiday,quite free nothing to do so try to write blog
the blog begin........ hahahahaha...
firstly,i want to say hi to everyone....
hahahahhaah,so lame ><>
but i already receive my 1st present
is quite early also la,almost 1month before my birthday

and this is the present ^^

thank to jee mei and also crystal for the wishes......

waiting my birthday to arrive.... =) [dunno what gonna happen ] hahaha...