Monday, November 30, 2009

end of nov~

so fast end another month, which mean end of my short sem too..... >< and x'mas is around the corner ady *woot* xD so fast 1 year ady...
aiiii.... fyp~ reli killing me... alot obstacle occured and finally it is ok ady, hope everything will go smooth every after =) *pray* as wat cmei say, we nit to kill fyp not fyp kill us~ *rock* LoL....

oh yah, ystrdy had McD for my lunch~ after so long no eat xD *yum, yum* due to goin out to help dad did smth so i drive thru and ordered mcChicken, accidently i ordered larger set, hahaha.... bt anyway it is a right choice also because i quite hungry that time, bt end up i left with half cup of coke xP

my McChicken set~

i found my instant chrysanthemum in coldstorage today ^^
i used to drink it at sg last time and also that time i only know there is @@ *instant chrysanthemum* hahahaha.... paiseh~

here the instant chrysantheum x), bt not the brand that i used to drink last time ><>

- hope to hv outing~ xD *sienz*
- waiting the time to meet up wif my fren too, seem so long no meet them =D
- dilemma on *smth* xD
- time for fyp again >< - c ya~

Monday, November 16, 2009


i'm here, i'm here~ LoL~~ *ss sikit* xP
once again i need to revive back my blog~ LoL...
really since awhile never update~ because laziness is killing me~ >< *laziness pls leave me* ya, this my status for ystrdy facebook~ lol... really getting lazy, day by day T^T any medicine to cure it? i hope there are... =( fyp is killing me, tons of works awaiting me to done and I'm right here being lazy and lazy *help~*

hahahaha..... ok, leave fyp aside, take a rest 1st cause ystrdy i ady face fyp till this morning~ >< *yawn* after this gonna fight for it again T^T
oh yah, actually i'm still thinking what to post~ hahaha... ermm... ermm... ermm.... *searching pic*

ok~ found one of my memorable trip~
which is Broga Hill~ miss it alot~ xD it is a sudden trip, 3months back and while we are yamcha-ing till 3am smth, suddenly we planned to go. Sadly only 3 of us get to made it, cause other got smth to do and also it is too suddenly,LoL~ Anyway, only 3 of us and we really going there at 5am smth, to conquer brogs hill~ hahaha... really crazy cause we only nap for 1hour more bt really fun~ xD and really miss it alot~

finally i reach the top~ xD

the ..... *dunno call wat* xP

heart this pic the most~ ♥ *blue sky with us*

yawn~ time to take a nap~ ><
ystdy 1am smth till now, cant tahan~ *nap*

Friday, September 18, 2009

little update~

i think i have abandoned my blog for some time and it should be the time to revive it bac xD

ya... i'm in Singapore for more than 1weeks ady @@ time really passed so fast....
btw i misses KL, my home, my room, my bed, my car, and for sure all my fren so muchy x) *blush* hahahaha.....
crap abit and here my little update from Singapore.... ^^
went to Singapore's Chinatown ystrdy wif mom, we hv some walk, makan-makan and snap snap some pic
such a fun day~ =)

*this pic curi curi snap de, so blur effect cum out, lol~

should be goin to town later~ yay.....
hope rain faster stop, so i get to go soon... ^^
c ya~~

Thursday, August 20, 2009


yo~ as my title mention "simply", so I saja-saja wan update my blog only.... hehe.... XD
as u all know, my intern place can't on9 *what an awful thing to me ><* so i hv no other things to do beside "conteng-menconteng" while i'm sienz and get bored to my whole day task...... hahaha.... yes i menconteng alot, on paper and even AI.... LoL.... *macam feel proud pulak* *shy* haha...

2day my hasil menconteng was "domo"
wEeeEee~ domo on my header too~ ^^
last few days ady menconteng domo, bt is on paper and today
menconteng on AI... hehehe...... here go the domo~ =D

intern hv lot and lot of things to do~
getting busier day by day......
hope i get to done all my thing by end of my intern day~
ulcers, pls faster go away~ *I start to crap around,LoL*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i ady felt sick for last 2 days and even now... hope those feeling faster disappear~ *pray*
btw i'm having ulcers now.... what a gud thing to hv.... =( however i wish it will gone soon too...

wEeEeee~ time to update my blog more often.... XD *pls kill my laziness*
bac from a getaway last week.... was jz fun n happy~ wuhoOo~~
*a happy day in pd* LoL...... heart this sentence~

d' sand

d' windmills

sunset of the day... that day the sky was not reli that nice ><

intern is goin to end soon =D
its means time to start to do final report ><
hope to start do soon..... bt i'm sure i will procrastinate it... hope i won't~
won't procrastinate it too much, hahaha~

and this sat i might goin to broga hill..... wEeEeee~ *excited-nya* LoL~
hope reli get to go~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

astro ASQ......

went to Astro star quest last week and this is the 2nd year we went... *so fast 1 year passed* >< quite fun at thr.... even we reluctant to bac and cause us need to ride cab to the place my fren park his car because lrt already close... lol.... u can imagine how reluctant we are.... XD sad case la... din bring my dslr along coz i thought can't bring... mana tau can bring de... ZzZzzz... coz Canon is 1 of the sponsor...... nvm, coz i had a fun day too.... =D

d' stage


the crowd

Aquila d' song writer contestants.... *heart their songs*

the end.... Min the winner~ weeEee.....

d' faces XD

p/s: lol... pic from my lousy hp, so dis is the best quality my hp can snap.... XD

Saturday, July 25, 2009


weee~~~ is weekend finally.... XD
what a nice day, no need to go office n work... sound like i so lazy nee.. lol... >< i'm not, i vry hardworking de.... hehehe... yah... 2day is saturday, full wif things to do, bt i'm still lazy here... XD

1st, nit to bring my car to workhop to replace the audio player n now waiting it to be done *sad gila*, help dad to do smth, edit pic for fren den i nit to go bkt bintang thr to get some stuffs den bring my fren to repair n mayb get a hp *remember treat me eat ar dis ppl* =P n oso waiting some1 bac from pj == *ini org oso nit to treat me eat* dun care dun care.... =P n at last 2nite going to ASQ '09 which is Astro Star Quest at bkt jalil.... since nth to do so went thr to kaypo.... lol.... n 2nite shud b goin yamcha at sum whr... so long never go yamcha.... *feel so guai tim* hahahaha....

hope 2day is a gud n fun day...... ^^

the tickets.... XD

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Day....

Happy morning.....
is monday, yah... another working day to start and another week of working day... T.T
anyway..... this intern will end soon, so cheer up every one, even myself.... XD *i think every1 is waiting d day to cum, lol*
now is amost 8am and i'm still blogging here, now willing to go out yet, lol.... =P
oh yah.... is jz a simple post of the day, after so long no update.... 2day and now i'm updating.... hehe....

the place i use to wait and start my day, which is the parking lot... a new day is here.... ^^

then the sun getting brighter and brighter......

thr is alwiz domo-E.......... *looking at the sun with a big smile,haha*

reli gtg dy, wish a gud day for today and oso for everyone.... ^^
*can i dun wan to go out?* haha.... =P
c ya...............

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

bday's souvenir...

ystrdy got a bday's souvenir from grandpa, which from his fren....
nowadays, really what also have... @@
i never saw this before, bday's souvenir... mayb me only la.... *malu-nya* LoL...... XD
is a box that contains of chocolates, marshmallows and a "sau pau" =) sweetsss....... hehehe....

here the box with all the foods... *i ate some already de, haha... den nee snap*

the pau~

the marshmallows.... yum,yum.... =D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

random.... (Malacca)

after so long i hv abandoned my blog.... LOL
so, 2day try to update it with a short post.....

Last 2weeks ago when to sis place at malacca with family..........

here go the cendol dat famous at Malacca....
while having with my lunch or tea-time... XD

and domo-E with cute niece..... =D

going out now...... shud b going for a movie...... ^^
after 5days suffer now can relax.... *too sienz ady* LOL....
c ya..............

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the bday.......

had a fun n happy, bday =D
reli appreciate those who had celebrate wif me.....
and oso thx to all the bday wishes........... ^^
me n fren had went to fraser hill on dat day...... after a long discussion n at the end we reli went thr.... =) n after so long i finally get to went thr.... i had not been thr b4, *paiseh* LOL.....
bt we reach thr quite late already n is raining *sad*, so we can't get to reli visit all the place thr..... we jz get to visit the france village.... (muz go thr again ><)
reli so fun at thr..... even rain we still not giving up n continue ss, which is taking group pic....
hahahaha.... is reli fun....... and after dat continue my fun bday at look out point.... =D *waiting for the pic from my photographers* hehehe....

fraser hill~~~~

off to Malacca lo....... goin to my sis's place........... ^^

Thursday, May 14, 2009

happy anniversary~

happy anniversary to my blog ^^
1st anniversary, so fast 1 year ady....
time reli flew so fast....
oh yah... my bday around d corner too.... (wondering wat i can do on dat day n wat will happen) =D

2day hang out wif my frens......
so long i had not taken lrt,lol~
n 2day i take it =P *gila liao*

the lrt ticket ^.^

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


click here to read more......

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Friday, May 1, 2009

random post~

jz a random post and a little craps again... hehehe...
jz feel like update my blog and write some crap here... =D
2day mom bought me some foods from the market, pasar pagi ^^
which we can easily found all this type of foods at the market and even last time i usually have it as my breakfast, so it's quite a memorable foods for me =) the foods are 'voon zai gou', fried mihun, sticky rice, 'zhu chong fun', and etc.....

yah, 2molo another exam to go, which is Pengajian M'sia
the note can make ppl fall asleep in within 1min and even faster,hahahaha....
no mood to read at all le, cham.... >< *pray,pray,pray* lol~~
how could i wish time can fly faster for this moment... *dear universe pls hear me* haha...
law of attraction =P cham... i'm ss-ing here, hahaha....

oh yah.... before end my post here goes the foods ^^
jz simply snap when eating using my hp,lol~~ *that time was too free*

Thursday, April 30, 2009


finally change my blog's header ^^
and play with some of the lomo photography effect
here goes the pic........

images that i use in the header ^^

love this so much *not even got time to post bout dis*
the heart shape leaves =)

the hot air balloon

pulau ketam memories...

a fun day =D


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

night glow~

continue wif my hot air balloon post ^^
here goes the night glow and some extra pic b4 night glow~

the inside

the cute 1



night glow~

the glowing clown

the colourful *love it*

*p/s : some images might blur bcoz shot without tripod =D