Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wei Sek Kai @ Jln Pudu

due to my best fren @ "zhi mui" ^^ whose come back from australia,we went to have dinner on the 2nd day she reach kl which is last friday (friend miss u so much le..... =D)
wei sek kai,is a small road that has a lot hawkers and small stalls that sell various type of foods
can say any food oso can find there (if not mistaken =P) and one of it is something like steamboat and also something like "lok lok" actually =D

the place...

the sauce... (the chili sauce vry spicy @.@,maybe i not 'geng' in eat spicy thing la,haha...)

know what?our table full with foods and drinks,haha... =D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pray for me..... @.@

today my exam suck man..... =="
which is history of art and design I, and which mean i will have history of art and design II soon... and izit the same lec? pls dun... (can i juz die?i wan to die oso dun wan to study history and get d same lec) >< help!!!!!
know what? today exam i dunno to answer at all,even from the 1st part to the last part ==" i have no idea at all. 1st time i get exam paper and dunno wat to do at all,is reli 100% dunno to do (break record,wakakaka.....) the thing dat i read dun have at all,wat 'The marriage of Giovanni and Giovanna" ==" i din see a single word about this painting at all,aii.... damn geram. I have no idea,wat tips i get?? izit the tips all is out?anyone can tell me? i'm so blur,izit my prob dun und the tips or wat ==" sum more today cannot tahan with 1 ppl at all,hate that person,hate that person........

-damn moody- =(

hope i will pass my history la, pray, pray, pray... =)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

shake, dip & twist

the new thing from McD ^^
seem like so long din go McD due to the exam week =D
hahahahaha...... just saw some new thing from McD in magazine,feel like trying it =P
(anyone try ady? ^^)

spicy McShaker fries & spicy chicken McNugget

Oreo Mudpie McFlurry & Oreo Berries McFlurry

omg...... feel hungry ady =D haiz....... tomorrow got exam but till now i still don't have idea want to read what ==" some more don't have mood to study at all (gonna die soon....) cham... wish me good luck lo,hope won't fail la ><

-study,study,study.................. @.@

Friday, September 5, 2008

Nice song from the click five & good luck every1 for the final ^^

nice song from The Click Five,Mary Jane love it so much ^^

tomorrow is 1st day for final exam and is 1st paper,which is moral but till now i still don't have the mood to study, i can't remember a single thing that i studying ><

cham,dying soon........... cannot,cannot i must study @.@

wish everyone Good Luck for the final exam,add oil ^^

==" need to continue study.........(even can't remember a single thing ><) nice song,mary jane listen non-stop =D hahahaha.......... release stress...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fireman @ Jaya One,Pj

this already happen a few weeks ago ^^
now i only upload it to my blog,hehehe....
we have our dinner at Fireman near our uni,which smth like bbq and steamboat
one of our happiest dinner after rushing for all the assigments
and we have this dinner for almost 3hours @.@ (what a long dinner we have,hahaha...)
but full with joy and fun,when we gonna have dinner like this again?? hehehe.... =D

most special thing, is they use lard for the bbq

beside that,the lard also use as one of the entertainment while waiting the food (haha...)

here come the foods...


cook,cook,cook =D

our desserts... (you know what?we need to fight for our dessert,hahaha....)

finally,end fighting all finished =D

the people who fight fot the dessert,hahaha....
photograph with the fireman