Saturday, December 27, 2008

海角七號 Cape No. 7

today go watch movie n watched 海角七號 Cape No. 7
is a taiwan movie and is about music, band, family and love
quite a nice movie, i like d songs n music in the movie *nice nice* =D
(going to download the song n music,hehe...)

Friday, December 26, 2008


jz a random pic~ =)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

wat kind of world we have nowaday? ==

this morning wake up n hear mom saying wat happen to bro ystrdy
after heard it feel darn angry, (shame on those m**** ppl) ish.... geram gila

here the story,

Ystrdy on the way my bro bac home, at a t-junction a stupid malay motorcyclist pass by. Luckily my bro din bang on him ( i prefer my bro bang on him, lol~) coz is their fault, suddenly came out
den the stupid motorcyclist bising-bising at thr, whr there is nothing happen and my bro ady so gud came out from car n said sorry to him bt he still dunno talk wat nonsense and suddenly 1 gang of his fren arrived there and smth like those *mat rempit* (those whole gang malay ppl, who will beat ppl n rob ppl) den my bro saw sum of them is taking out a iron chain (rantai besi those thing) and luckily got ppl pass by n my bro got a chance to ran away.

So my bro ran bac to my hse thr, whr my uncle and quite alot of the residents will alwiz sat at the chinese restaurant at my hse thr. So my bro went thr bcoz those malay guys sure will chase bac de. As wat my bro think is true, those malay guys reli chase till thr and even brought along a "police" ==" i reli speechless to dat police (how obsess i wish i could b thr, to c how the police look like) u noe wat? dat police asked my bro, y u ran away??? wat question is dat, darn funny lo. I jz wonder does he has common sense, every1 who saw smth dangerous sure ran away to protect themselves la. Funny sei, sum more my bro din did anything wrong or bang on dat motorcyclist den dat police jz noe to say y u ran away and u can't ran away (wth)

So, every1 asked bac the police, if my bro din ran and was beaten up by them den how? den he jz said y u ran away and u can't ran away ==" swt............... so as wat my bro say they have the iron chain, so my uncle go to their car or motorcycle and found out dat thing den show to the police and the police asked bac those malay guys wat is dat and at the end they jz like dat and went away. (reli shame on those m**** ppl)

wth, luckily nth happen to my bro. I reli speechless, wat world we hv 2day?
izit ppl who has police as their relative can did wat ever they like?

Monday, December 22, 2008

pringles n kieldsens...

today went out with mum n bought some snacks for myself ^^

1st is pringles and dunno y pringles gv me a feel, dat its packaging is
getting shorter. hahaha.... i reli feel it

2nd is this butter cookies, love it so much
today i only noe that, this cookies have variety type of packaging,
as i noe it only hv 1 type of packaging which is the big aluminium round box
*mayb i outdated ady,lol~*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

doggie gathering

today went to a doggie gathering at bdr utama
asked by a friend to join it, alot dog is thr
all are damn cute *omg..... cute gila* lol~

ppl are arrived and gather around

doggie with their beloved owner ^^

the gathering


a little gal with the dog

*more photos will be upload soon~

Friday, December 19, 2008

maxis ads

love the new maxis ads alot, it jz so cute ^^
and here the maxis brochure dat that i get

cute, cute~ =D

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"voon zai gou"

"voon zai gou" (in cantonese) paiseh... i dunno to write pinyin so hope i get d pronunciation correct la =D
since so long din eat this and today breakfast, mom get this for me
yummy~ delicious.... hehe.... ^^

with the sauce...

oh yah, den in the afternoon bro came back from ipoh and bought this
salted chicken bac, delicious....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


omg... is almost 4a.m and i'm still awake
coz think of d exam, 1st paper TBM ady cannot *exaggerate abit* =P
saw d note ady feel sleepy,argh......... help!!
wat to do, jz wish me gud luck and everything will be ok [ hope so... =) ]
oh yah... i started to Plurk,weee... haha.... to free ady, so go sign up [macam la tak ada exam,haha..]
*20 u earn karma le,coz i sign up thru ur plurk de.c i so gud,lol~ =P
so anyone,go sign up la and we plurk together,hehehe.... =D
ok ok, i crap enough ady.hahaha.... ^^

everyone(utarian), good luck in the final exam!!! and to myself,lol~

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ice cream fever~

friday went to a cafe name, "ice cream house" at pandan indah,cheras
it not only sell ice cream, jz a normal cafe dat got alot foods n drinks and there have variety of ice cream to be choose
after a movie plan to go there yumcha de,but end up all went there ate ice cream,lol~ =D

actually all of the ice cream have their old name de,bt i 4get dy [haha... =P]


Saturday, December 6, 2008


last few days went to restoran talipon (due to my fren [swee cheng] request)
== (swee cheng i sudah tak ada $$ la) lol~~
that day we ate alot crabsticks,gila liao hahaha....
there goes the pic

full with crabsticks,lol~

and my favourite corn! ^^

smiling moon =D

on 1st Dec'08 i think every should saw d smiling sky ^^
is really very amazing and nice~
even so cute,lol~

unforgettable memory =)

Monday, December 1, 2008

port dickson~

last sunday went to PD with my form 6's friends =)
is a 1 day trip, we have a nice trip on dat day ^^ (happy~ and enjoy~)

the sky is so blue n nice (bt i think i can't show it on this pic,lol~)

and we reach the beach

sunset ^^ (nice)

sunset too (we at thr snap pic till d sky bcum dark ady, lol~)

me~ (love the sky)

love this pic (seem like so artistic,haha... =D)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


my fren @ 'jimui' came bac from australia again ^^
n she bought this cherries bac (d taste is really different from d cherry dat v normally eat)

2 cherries ^^

n dis 3 cherries (lol~)

Monday, November 17, 2008

vector's converse

i doing a uniform for one of the assignment
den on the progress of doing it, i drew a pair of shoe and this is the shoe

love it so much =D
and i planning to buy one pair of the black converse shoe also, smth like this ^^
[actually planned since last time ady,lol~ but no $ to buy so cham =( ]

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Naili's place

i went to Naili's place that located at sentul, dis week
the place is really very nice, where it full with lights at night
and highly recommend the nasi lemak there ^^ (yummy~)
(sure 20 miss the place very much~ so here some pic for u to reminiscing,nonit thx me ya lol~ =D)

peace ^^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

buy 1 free 1

secret recipe having a promotion yesterday, 11st nov
which is buy 1 whole cake, free 1 whole cake
and my fren(swee cheng) bought it =D (so i get to eat lo,lol~)

i like dis pic~ =D

the cake~