Sunday, January 31, 2010

end of jan'10~

so fast ady end of jan of year 2010 ><
do fyp till sienz so come blog... hehe.... *lazy gila*
ya, today is 31st jan which baskin robbin had promotion....
till now i not yet get to buy and eat baskin robbin during this promotion day... i wonder since when i wanted to get baskin robbin during 31st of month, i guess is quite long ago ady and every time sure have smth occur that make me fail to get it... >"< really shuold get it one day... lol~
♥ pistachio so much, yum~ yum~ xD

ya....cny is around the corner ady....
fuuu~ so fast jao 1 year jor...
hope everyone had a wonderful, happy n fun cny ahead ^_____^

deco at ts, wif us~ =)
*happy cny*

- so so so lazy le~
- wish i'm outside now ><
- how wish i can go yamcha, movie n anything now
- arrrrr~ fyp is killing ppl....
- hahaha.... ok, ok, end my crap... =X
- cont wif fyp lo~
- c ya.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

is sunday~

omg..... is already sunday... ><
which means tomorrow is my new sem aka last sem aka final sem T^T and also the day that i need to choose my elective subjects... *i think i already choose, i think* hahaha....

yah.... is McD~ ystrdy had McD with mom as lunchy~ xD
*dat sticker so cute, "made for you"*

-finally i cut my hair~ haha....
-hope to hang out 2day, i dun wan stay at home, can? ><
-off to hv breaky wif parents
-c ya... ^^

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


ystrdy so gua lui, went out wif parents since morning... haha... xD *actually im alwiz a guai lui oso* lol....
was rain ystrdy at d noon time... n i was in d car dat time... so suddenly dis pic came to my mind n snap it dwn... ^^

d' rain's drop...

recently really hardworking... so often update my blog... =)
*actually im too free i think,lol...*

-time to off
-avatar is waiting me, yeah... aftaer waited so long =D

Sunday, January 10, 2010


*woot* jz realize today date so nice~ is 100110 xD
it is sunday~ bt nth special happen... ><

going to meet up with my friend later, one of my secondary skulmate ^^

oh yah, my domo so long never snap pic and show up in my blog...
*sure some of you miss it* xP hahaha... and that day at last i get to snap a pic of it or i should say finally i remember to snap a pic of it... hahaha....

one day went to yamcha at tsim tung, pandan indah =)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


hola~ xD
ya, this is my first post for year 2010, coz recently quite bz wid my temp job
and finally i'm done with it and now i'm in holiday mood~ weEe~ x)
wish to had a getaway badly, bt guess hard to make it due to some problems... aiii...
anyway wish to had a nice week on next week, which is my last holiday's week before start my final sem.... >< final sem is on d way~ *sad* bt i will treasure and enjoy my final sem till the max bt sure fyp and other subjects will kill me badly.... hahaha.... anyway, i will still enjoy it =D
ystrdy was craving for KFC, hahaha.... all also because of plurk... everyone are having KFC, for breaky, lunch and dinner..... so KCF's disease had spread to me... lol... so had KFC as dinner ystrdy... xD

slurpPp~ xP

yum yum~

-out soon~ ^^
-feel abit hungry tim... haha.... *is time for teatime* haha...
-c ya....