Thursday, March 26, 2009

cute little rest wrist~

bought a mouse pad and rest wrist together wif a new mouse, few weeks ago ^^
after a sudden spoil to my mouse >< *everthing oso spoil,aiii....*
here goes my cute little rest wrist........... =)

the mouse pad *remind me of egg_gy* ^^

the cute rest wrist ^^

the whole set =D

when i saw it, remind me of smile alwiz~~~ =)
(hope n wish...........) ^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

from 0 to complete =D

is the make up set, whr i from nothing mean 0 thing of make up set
till now i have a complete set of it *actually i own some lip gloss oso la,lol*
is all thx to bro's gf who gv me all *reli thx alot to her* if not, i dunno how much i nit to buy all this stuffs @.@

the eyeshadow is just so cute ^^

cham..... after dis dunno wat i nit to do to all dis stuffs @.@
i hardly will make up 1 >< *thinking,thinking*

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my new toy =D

my new toy ^^
yah, is 50mm lens
love it so muchie~~ =D lol~

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pls HEAR Me!!! regarding studio......

Here i wan to make smth clear!!!
First of all, i juz used the digital photo's studio for one time only and the second time i ask for permission and its approved by lec. Whereby, week 7,saturday the studio is no one using it dats y i ask for permission. Eventhough i still got a chance to shoot, bt i leave it to those who can't get the chance to use the studio. Pls dun simply make any assumption if u dunno anything about it. Eventhough my name is alot in the booking list, it does not mean that i use for every each time i booked.
Just confront me if you have anything, pls dun talk behind me.
I juz hate it!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

1 day outing =D

aii........ *if my pic still here,so gud* == emo for some time ady and hope won't emo again =D *smile*
thought can reshoot my outdoor model pic de, sadly my model fall sick pulak *pitty her*
so end up went out for the whole day ^^ *coz dun wan at home emo,lol*
ystrdy early morning ady went out and fetch swee cheng's doggie to see dr.
den we have our breakfast at McD

big breakfast~

hot pancake~ *kena tipu, i thought same as d pic got butter n honey de ><>

here goes our lunch, yes is McD again =D lol~ gila dy, non-stop McD
we went to leisure mall to have our lunch after bac from tesco, cheras wif swee cheng's sis *thx her for the snacks* ^^

d nuggets and fries

d sauce

d strawberry sundae~ *no idea why it look so weird ==*

d pepper

after lunch we went for movie ^^
*after so long din watch movie n relax, finally ystrdy got d chance*

and here goes our dinner =)

a cute gal =D

the faces of the day ^^

really have fun ystrdy and extremely full coz eat non-stop, lol~