Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Typica Cafe, yumz~

woot~ missy my bloggie~ x]
just now after dinner straight away fall asleep and awake at this away~ *should be working life to hard or tired, huh~ LOL* okay is just myself too lazy la =P
awake at this hour and feels hungry >< so flip thru the lappy's photos and saw this, a nice place for a drink and a piece of cake~ yumz~ *it's just so nice if i get to have it now, think to much* haha...


my all time favorite~ =]

the chamomile~

the mango cake, heart it, yumz~

one of the fine weekend x)

*above cafe located at pudu shaw parade, "Typica Cafe" =)
*time for me to go to dreamland once again, nitez ♥~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

great-granny ♥~

Great-granny went to a better place =)
She already 102years old, such a tough and brave woman.
Sure, she wish all of us will live happily and good, we all will do dat *promise* =]
We will alwiz miss u and love u forever ♥~

great-granny ♥~

dad wif great-granny, mom wif great granny and me wif great-granny ♥~

*thx god i still hv this album of images to keep =)
*it happen jz so suddenly >.< we din even get to say good bye *i feel darn guilt even i didn't really talk to u* =(
*hate the feeling so much :( is so HURT... when we need to apart from someone we love...
*bt human life is like this, everyone need to go through this :( *darn hate it*
*is time to let go....
*promise we will live happily and good, miss u and love u forever ♥~

*BYE~ ♥

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a little update~

Just want to update my blog and reluctant to go to bed at this hour @ midnite.
Feeling so complicated and dilemma mood now, but anyway, hopefully everything will go smooth and well *cross fingers* :)
Oh ya, went to 3rd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon, last two weeks ago. Time really flies~ is already third year since my first year went there...

the edelweiss is with me on that day~ ♥

*Better get myself to bed, if not later not enough sleep for tomorrow... yawn~ nitez peeps~ :D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Domo Houseshoe~

Good day people :) today is already come to the end, tomorrow another brand new day and good news also, because tomorrow already Thursday means weekends are just around the corner ♥.

Just a short post here before i head to dreamland @ sleep, zZzzz.... i love to sleep so much :P LOL~ That day went out lunch with colleague and saw this lovely domo house shoe while on the way back to office and because of it cuteness and it is so tempting, at last......... I bought it, hahaha... it really looks cute, especially when I wore it, it just so fluffy, ♥ awww~ LOL~

domo houseshoe in the house~

it's really fluffy xD my legs look so fat here ><

Domo is everywhere in my room now, haha... Okay is time to head to bed, is already late nite now. Nitez...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Woot~ my first post for year 2011 :) so fast already March, time really flies~ I also almost work for nine months already, gosh... is already NINE months o.O means one year soon~ My student life really will fade off soon :( *actually is already no more student life since long* LOL... Working life was doing fine, hope everything will goes smooth and good. x) *cross fingers*

♥ my blog layout now. Today talked about turquoise color stuffs with my "ss company" @ my gal friends xD only realise that we all also love this turquoise color, which is the color I used on my blog background and few months back I also bought a pair of turquoise slippers :] It should be the hit color recently I guess, because saw this color everywhere nowaday, planning to grab the nails polish of this color too, hahaha... get crazy on this color recently.

my slippers~ ♥

Oh ya, Airasia having promo for the flight ticket now, me and friends already grabbed it, so looking forward the trip~ *love getaway* xD