Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Emergency Festival!

due to one of our subject for this sem which is "time based media"
we had went to a event,which is Emergency Festival at The Annexe Gallery Centra Market
(and finally i get back my cf card,can snap pic lo. hehe~ ss =D)
continue, then at there we watched a screening of a film, Revolusi 48
the film is smth like documentary that tells the untold story of those whose struggled in the anti-colonial guerrilla war of independence.
smth that happen in the Darurat period,whr a story behind our history that we learn in school
quite a interesting film ^^ here is the link of the film trailer (later they will upload the whole film at thr)
and proud to those whose fought for independence at that time *salute* =D
( bt now i hv no idea, how i gonna write 500words bout it. huh~ == )

the director of the film and 1 of the pak cik who involved in the war

some places at the event

Monday, October 27, 2008


this is poori~
wish i get d name correct lol~
1 of the food that i ate at a mamak stall few days ago

it look so cute,lol~ =D
it taste smth like curry puff skin

Saturday, October 25, 2008

emergency lane~

hahahaha..... ystrdy when went to class that time 3p.m smth ady started jam
i know is a normal thing in KL =D can say almost 24hours jam,lol~ (like too over tim =P)
so class finish at 6p.m and when going back that time, more jam =="
so when i reach a highway that i s going to tmn connaught,cheras the place is super super jam
so i decide to use the emergency lane at the highway, whr every1 is using it,lol~
really cannot tahan bcoz i ady jam for so damn long,super tired
so that is my 1st time break rule and used emergency lane =D luckly no police,haha~

funny sei....... ^^

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the book

today went to library and borrowed some books
1 of the book i find out the design is so special n like the design so much =D (bcoz that only borrow the book,lol~ for sure not la)

this is the book,reli love the design so much (mayb bcoz i like colourful thing,lol~)

Monday, October 20, 2008


2day went to a movie n arcade at leisure mall,near my hse
due to my frens whose ponteng class 2day,so naughty lol~
whr leisure mall is use to be 1 of our lepak~ing place when secondary school last time,lol~
[time reli pass so fast...]
2day i watch Soul's Code,the movie still ok la abit scary [is ghost movie,4sure i say scary 1 no matter is reli that scary anot.lol~]
den we went to the arcade for some games,while waiting the time for the movie

this is 1 of our favourite game machine,u play b4? [damn fun 1,lol~] max of 3ppls compete and see who win the most [play till hand damn pain 1 =D]

Sunday, October 19, 2008

genting trip~

one of my genting trip on last sem break
1 of the thing that we did on that trip is eat,eat,eat and eat non-stop.haha~
a fun n happy trip =D
the only problem is lack of time
and this is my 1st time go in casino at genting (proud of it) lol~
but i just go in and walk 1round only,quite stupid.hahaha.....

our bus n skyway tickets

that day so cold...

our dinner

a place that cannot miss out at genting, which is Starbucks.lol~

our supper,maggi cup =D

and our snacks....

play time at the Arcade ^^

1 of our cute game,so cute~

a interesting game we found, "Silent Hill" (a creepy game~) we stand so far from d skrin while playing,lol~

our breakfast....

monkey.... on the way to the bus terminal we saw a few monkeys =D

we reli hv a nice trip due to the bz of study n work,finally we get to play ^^

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

pulau ketam... =D

last wednesday i had been to pulau ketam... =D
a place that i had been long time ago,haha...
reminisce bac,time is really passed so fast @.@
haha... come back to my pulau ketam 1day trip ^^ me n friends went there on last wed,which is public holiday. huh~ damn many people on that day, what ever u want to do u also must "wait".
hahaha... public holiday is like that geh la,what to do =)
p/s:photo not that clear,coz jz using hp to snap ^^
after waited for so long,finally we reach pulau ketam.haha~

can you see crab? [little crab... ^^ alot little crabs over thr]

this is the boat we ride and waited for so long [izit call boat? haha...]

1 of the temple over thr

the street

i dunno how to spell the name [paiseh... ><]

ABC, while waiting for the foods

the rice
finally we get to eat,after waited more than 1hour++

haha... we went thr put din eat crab [too hungry till 4get dy,haha~]

the bicycle [so pink @.@ haha...]

yeah... ride bicycle =D

the people at pulau ketam... [i look so cacat,haha... @.@]

on the way back,sunseat time...