Thursday, April 28, 2011

great-granny ♥~

Great-granny went to a better place =)
She already 102years old, such a tough and brave woman.
Sure, she wish all of us will live happily and good, we all will do dat *promise* =]
We will alwiz miss u and love u forever ♥~

great-granny ♥~

dad wif great-granny, mom wif great granny and me wif great-granny ♥~

*thx god i still hv this album of images to keep =)
*it happen jz so suddenly >.< we din even get to say good bye *i feel darn guilt even i didn't really talk to u* =(
*hate the feeling so much :( is so HURT... when we need to apart from someone we love...
*bt human life is like this, everyone need to go through this :( *darn hate it*
*is time to let go....
*promise we will live happily and good, miss u and love u forever ♥~

*BYE~ ♥

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a little update~

Just want to update my blog and reluctant to go to bed at this hour @ midnite.
Feeling so complicated and dilemma mood now, but anyway, hopefully everything will go smooth and well *cross fingers* :)
Oh ya, went to 3rd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon, last two weeks ago. Time really flies~ is already third year since my first year went there...

the edelweiss is with me on that day~ ♥

*Better get myself to bed, if not later not enough sleep for tomorrow... yawn~ nitez peeps~ :D