Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Domo Houseshoe~

Good day people :) today is already come to the end, tomorrow another brand new day and good news also, because tomorrow already Thursday means weekends are just around the corner ♥.

Just a short post here before i head to dreamland @ sleep, zZzzz.... i love to sleep so much :P LOL~ That day went out lunch with colleague and saw this lovely domo house shoe while on the way back to office and because of it cuteness and it is so tempting, at last......... I bought it, hahaha... it really looks cute, especially when I wore it, it just so fluffy, ♥ awww~ LOL~

domo houseshoe in the house~

it's really fluffy xD my legs look so fat here ><

Domo is everywhere in my room now, haha... Okay is time to head to bed, is already late nite now. Nitez...

1 comment:

sweecheng said...

yawor... ur leg look abit fat here... i jus wanna ask whether ur mum/mun wearing it.. LOL manetao c da description is urs de... :O LOL!